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Student Council
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Student Council 2016-17

Phone:  (519) 376-6050 ext. 484

Wes Schlenker
Vice President:
Holly Melsom
Student Senator:
Ryan Brown
Natalie Cameron
Past Rep:
Operations Rep:
Reid Locking
Public Relations:
Mathea Treslan
Spirit Reps:
Maggie Alguire
Social Media Rep:
Mackenzie Matheson
Social Convenor:
Kassidy Shaw
Announcement Crew Rep:
Adrian Wagenaar, Quinton Hilliker
Athletics Council Rep:
Allison Kerker
Art Council Rep:
Becka VanDrunen
Tech Crew Rep:
Josh Blair
Yearbook Liaison:
Emily Brown
Grade 9 Rep:
Katelyn Arseneau
Grade 10 Rep:
Hogan Treslan
Grade 11 Rep:
Laura Radbourne
Grade 12 Rep:
Cory Clark
Cafeteria Liaison:
Chesley Rep:
Corey Nyenhuis
Exchange Rep:
Pablo Garcia Rodriguez
Teacher Advisor:
Heather Vokes, Kevin Whitehouse, Andrew Riddick

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